MyBelleza Inc.

Blessed & Unfolded

Learning the skills of a professional beyond the classroom that equips you with social skills building leadership, confidence, and increasing success!

Etiquette, Faith, Editorial and Fashion and splendor in building confidence in our youth in leadership success! 

Manners Matter Project

Lets G.R.O.W. leaders of tomorrow!
Guiding Respectable Opportunist of Worth

We are dedicated to helping the youth to become leaders of tomorrow, commit to a healthier lifestyle & leadership practices to enable them to strive towards success.


Blessed and launched February 1, 2015, "Belleza" (like "Bella") meaning "Beauty" is what is intended to be captured!

MyBelleza Inc. Magazine is a Faith & Fashion Magazine created to give God the glory in His creations expressing the beauty & gifts He has placed in each of us! 

We are a publication devoted to inspiring our youth to excel in individuality sharing testimonies, experiences, and showcasing a selection of photographic artists, models, writers, artists, and more!

Samantha L.A.

Etiquette Specialist - Mentor 

Thank you for viewing our website! Please take the time to look around and contact us with any questions!
-Samantha L.A.-

There will the word, inspirational quotes, prayer request, etiquette classes, healthy lifestyle learning, contests, submissions for publication, social media exposure and more!