MyBelleza Inc.

Blessed & Unfolded

You have what it takes, so lets' shine and polish up those edges!

Good manners and etiquette can do just that.

Investing in each individual girl’s future for leadership and success is part of the "Manners Matter Project" and why shouldn't earning your next badge or patch be fun!

 We give every girl confidence with a dash of polish in a fun and educational way through etiquette while we learn to appreciate, be courtesy, uphold dignity, and respect for one another in todays' every changing world!

Your girls will be given the tools to make a great first impression, become a well spoken conversationalist, table manners, make friends and smarts online choices with netiquette tips by also gaining the tools for a successful interview with business etiquette!

Contact us for a workshops:

Daisies: Respect Myself & Others, Responsible for What I Say & Do, and Considerate & Caring.

Brownies: Being My Best, Making Friends, Manners- First Impressions, and Dine like a Princess

Juniors: Social Butterfly- First Impressions, Ready, Set, Dine!, Say It Best, Out and About.

Cadettes: Netiquette, Public Speaking, Eat In, Dine Out.

Seniors: Business Etiquette, Interview Essentials, Dine like a Diplomat.

Ambassadors: Networking, Dining 101, Ace the Interview.