MyBelleza Inc.

Blessed & Unfolded

2018 Manners Matter Project


Guiding Respectable Opportunist of Worth


We are dedicated to helping the youth to become leaders of tomorrow, commit to a healthier lifestyle & leadership practices to enable them to strive towards success.

New videos will be available which are designed to help you G.R.O.W. self-awareness

in your everyday life.

We believe that manners do matter and etiquette will inspire and empower our youth to become leaders for a better tomorrow by teaching them the importance of social and communication skills!

These lessons and workshops will assist our youth in improving their day to day social skills, unhealthy circumstances, relationships, living environments, and career goals by creating self-awareness and self-worth through mannerism and healthy lifestyle training.


Our mission is to not only inspire the youth to become leading leaders, but to guide respectable opportunist of worth (G.R.O.W.) by building social and communication skills to also prevent the outcomes of suicide, gun violence, sex trafficking, bullying, drugs and alcohol. Making a difference in their lives will bring great change in the lives of others giving us all a supporting future!

Remember that "Manners Matter" because you matter for your future success to G.R.O.W. your dreams as great leaders!