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Welcome to my
" Therapy Garden"

 Gardening affects the mind, body and soul and is a mystery according to science. However, what is known is that gardening reduces stress and calms the nerves. So let us build, plant and harvest to lower cortisol hormones to battle stress!

My Healing Garden For Therapy

Using garden therapy is an excellent way to heal & relax the mind. There is no calmer place for one to be with nature than in their own physical therapy garden!

Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening

Therapeutic gardening help heal a person physically and emotionally. The art of planting is a tool for healing that is not a new practice because various cultures throughout the decades incorporate the use of therapy as a healing regimen.

Gardening therapeutically benefit people with mental health stressors, social, emotional, as well as physical. It has been known that people that are successful with growing and caring for plants are more successful in many other aspects of his or her life.

The healing of gardening

also stimulates the body's senses by allowing a person to be relieved of stress and depression while improving creativity, promote positive emotions and reducing negativity.

Individuals that are recovering from a minor surgery or illness that are using gardening as therapy recover faster!